2125 First Street Suite 100, Ft. Myers, FL 33901, US

Real estate litigation
The Firm represents both buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate and has the tools to resolve real estate disputes quickly and effectively for our clients. Charles T. Ferber, P.A. is a skilled negotiator and experienced litigator with the ability to represent clients in the following areas:

     • Sale/Purchase contract disputes, including specific performance
     • Title disputes
     • Boundary disputes
     • Property ownership disputes
     • Eviction proceedings
     • Unfair and deceptive trade practices
     • Title issues
     • Easement disputes
     • Contract disputes and enforcement
     • Restrictive covenants
     • Foreclosure
     • Landlord/Tenant disputes (commercial and residential)
     • Construction liens

Construction law
Charles T. Ferber, P.A. has experience representing clients in mediation, arbitration and litigation of construction-related matters. The Firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants in various aspects of construction litigation including:

     • Lien disputes
     • Claims for deficiencies in completed projects
     • Delay claims
     • Claims for extras and disputed change orders
     • Failure to disclose
     • Construction defect claims

Business law and litigation
The Firm has the skill and resources to protect our clients' interests during every step of a business transaction. Charles T. Ferber, P.A. will aggressively resolve any disputes that may arise by implementing his litigation skills in negotiations, mediation and arbitration or at trial in any of the following areas:

     • Corporate law
     • Limited liability company law (LLC)
     • Partnership law
     • Business formation
     • Corporate structure
     • Business formation
     • Entity selection
     • Contract drafting and negotiation
     • Contract disputes and enforcement
     • Shareholder agreements
     • Severance agreements
     • Non-compete agreements and enforcement
     • Enforcement of commercial purchase and sale agreements
     • Business torts
     • Organizational documents
     • Litigation defense

Additional areas of practice

     • Environmental law

Providing services to other attorneys regarding interpreting environmental reports and assisting with the discovery of environmental experts. I am an attorney, a professional geologist (hydrogeologist), and a zoologist. I offer my services to other attorneys as a subcontractor to bridge the gap between science and the law in environmental litigation.

     • Property and water damage law

Negotiating and litigating negligence actions
Negotiating and litigating with insurance carriers
Mold and water damage claims

     • Homeowner’s Association, Condominium Association & Community Association Law

Representing unit owners and tenants only Interpretation of community association documents and the law.
Conducting negotiations, alternative dispute resolutions and litigation against community associations or other parties.
Assisting unit owners with notice of violation and assessments